Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Publish and Be Published. Dictionary corner.

Zine. A publication produced independently by an individual (or sometimes a group). The emphasis is on self-expression. Profit is rarely an intention and even more rarely a reality. Usually photocopied in smallish numbers. Content varies, although fiction is relatively rare.
Distro. A distributor of zines. Mostly run by zine enthusiasts on a not-for-profit basis. Most operate by mail order, and via the Net.
Zine-fairs. Gatherings of zine-makers and distros, with zine stalls and sometimes related events and workshops.
Sale or return. Arrangement where a shop/distro stocks your novel on the basis that you get paid once they’re sold. You take back any that don’t sell, even if they’re mashed to bits! Known elsewhere as consignment.
Flats. The flat, uncollated, unstapled source pages for your novel. There. I managed to avoid saying master copy. Doh!
A5. AKA half-size.
A4. Full-size.
Pagination. The way to make the pages come out so they read in the correct sequence when the novel’s assembled.
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