Thursday, 26 June 2008

Poor But Happy; putting it about a bit.

Now you’ve saved all this money, and maybe cut the hours of paid work you do, you might be feeling generous with your money and time. All the way through the zine there’s ways of giving money to charity that don’t actually cost you anything directly. If you’re in paid work and want to donate to charity in a way that makes your money go further ask about payroll giving. This is a tax break scheme that effectively means if you’re on basic rate tax each £1 the charity receives only costs you 78p. If your employer isn’t part of the scheme, direct them to to find out more. If you’re weighing up which charity to give to, check out which has info on all UK charities.
If you fancy doing something new with the extra time you’ve gained check out your local LETS scheme. LETS are networks of people who exchange skills in their area using local tokens as an alternative to real money. You register any skills you have and any services you need on a database for the area. Find out more at . If you fancy giving some time to projects you believe in, have a look at .

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