Thursday, 26 June 2008

Poor But Happy; links and resources

Websites. Here’s some sites that didn’t fit elsewhere. a site run by a bloke off the telly. You can sign up for a regular email newsletter of tips. Mainstream but excellent. ;loads of commonsense stuff on frugal living. an online community covering a wide range of interests, but with plenty of stuff on life on the cheap. Favourites are
Books worth a look.
1)Growth Fetish; Clive Hamilton
2)A Good Life; Leo Hickman
3)Downshift; Jonquil Lowe
4)Not on the Label; Felicity Lawrence (Penguin)
5)Do The Right Things; Pushpinder Khaneka (New Internationalist)
6)Rough Guide to Ethical Shopping. Duncan Clark (Rough Guides)
7)Go Make A Difference 2; ed Jo Bourne.
8)The Overspent American; Juliet Schor (Basic Books)
9)How We Can Save the Planet; Mayer Hillman (Penguin)
All this was written by Eddie Willson 2006. Wonky drawings provided by National Gallery of Poundland. Get in touch if you want to reproduce any bits of the zine. Cheers!

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Laura-Marie said...

Great zine! Thanks for posting it! I need to think of more ways to cheapify my life.